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morgan elizabeth adams: i was given the most vanilla name ever. my personality tends to follow. my other half is really cool and named after john lennon. God is always good. yes, i understand i will be dirt poor as a teacher; no you cannot talk me out of becoming one. also, go mocs.

what it feels like having a half-absent father 

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homesick means something so different now

i feel bad for people that follow me on twitter

I cannot wait to be a wife. Truly.

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my Coffee Pot series

The reason why death scares us so much is because unlike anything else that ends, we go with it.

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No one should ever be the friend who only listens and never speaks

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Woke up crying to Lennon, “no one should ever feel like this” if anyone was wondering how my day is going. So. Much. Pain.

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yes father so sorry that i (your child) called as soon as i found out your apartment flooded in the bad alabama storms. but please rush the conversation and sound super annoyed with me for being kind. i will make sure it won’t happen again.

Logan Lerman by Robbie Fimmano on Interview Magazine April 2014


Logan Lerman by Robbie Fimmano on Interview Magazine April 2014


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Church was amazing today and has been a total vaccination for today’s and all future Sunday Blues. Very excited for things happening at Venue Church. If a church can make you feel GOOD without being cheesy or overly positive, you know you’ve found where you belong.

today i made a shutterfly book for a certain anniversary coming up and it was very cheesy and i hate myself 

my schedule the past few days: wake up very groggy, drink coffee while half unconscious, go to school, go to work, do homework, run errands, make dinner, thennnn STAY UP LATE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SO THEN I AM VERY TIRED THE NEXT MORNING. and i thought i had the flu…no morgan you’re just on tumblr when you should be snoozin. when will i learn?


to the people who give off this vibe of “yeah i’m fulfilled by just living simply without technology or cable and my apartment looks like every picture on tumblr with earthy tones and repurposed barnwood” yet your rent costs triple what mine does. i hate you and you should be ashamed of yourself for creating false hopes in my search for the perfect residency.

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